Gym Jones: Physical and Mental Discipline Defined

Published: 22 Sep 2007

gym jones

I recently read a post about a gym called Gym Jones. What caught my interest is that I recently saw the movie "300", in which the Spartans had near perfect human physiques. I've always been fascinated by men and women that have the pure determination and discipline to attain such beautiful bodies.

Curious to learn more about the gym used as a medium to sculpt such beauty, I visited the site and my curiosity turned to awe. Watching the videos and reading the site's content, you are left with nothing but respect for Mark Twight, the founder, and the "disciples".

Here's a taste of the "300" workout:

25x Pull-up +

50x Deadlift @ 135# +

50x Push-up +

50x Box Jump @ 24” box +

50x Floor Wiper @ 135# (one-count) +

50x KB Clean and Press @ 36# (KB must touch floor between reps) +

25x Pull-up

300 reps total