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JRuby: An Introduction and Install Guide

Published: 23 Jul 2007

What is JRuby?

[JRuby]( is simply a Java implementation of the [Ruby programming language](

Why Should I Use JRuby?

  1. Leverage both Java and Ruby libraries (gems)
  2. Use existing Java platform to deploy Ruby or Ruby on Rails applications.
  3. The ability to call or extend Java classes from Ruby (including Spring-managed Java beans)
  4. Leverage the non-verbose and more pleasant experience of writing code with Ruby.

How do I Install JRuby?

  1. [Download]( and install JDK 1.4 or later.
  2. [Download JRuby 1.0](
  3. Unpack the JRuby archive and add <jruby-dir>/bin to your PATH environment variable.
  4. Test your install by typing a command such as jruby -v.

Further Reading

Although this book isn’t available until September, 2007, it will be the only published book devoted exclusively to JRuby:

  1. Practical JRuby on Rails Web 2.0 Projects: Bringing Ruby on Rails to Java by Ola Bini
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