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CodeGear Releases Feature Rich Ruby and RoR Editor

Published: 17 Sep 2007

I have to say I’m impressed unimpressed with this new eclipse-based IDE, 3rdRail, from CodeGear.

Update: As I've actually started to use the editor I've encountered several exceptions that seem to be related to the code completion feature. The exceptions (followed by a nagging popup window) are so frequent that I've gone back to using Netbeans for my Ruby editing.</i>

Update: (see comments below for a workaround to the exception I refer to above.

I’ve just finished watching the “Tour of the 3rdRail IDE” video and I invite you to do the same. Below I outline some of the features available but I was surprised to see one specific feature missing, a debugger? In fact 3rdRail joins the majority of Ruby editors that don’t sport a debugger. The only exception I’ve seen is the Netbeans Ruby editor. Anyway, you can check it out yourself by downloading a 30 day free trial from the website.

Here are the features:

Tags: #ruby#ruby-on-rails