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JRuby 1.1 Beta Faster than MRI

Published: 05 Nov 2007

Exciting news for those of you that are following the break-neck pace of JRuby. Thomas Enebo has announced that the JRuby 1.1 beta (released this past weekend) is faster than the original implementation.

Today, Charles Nutter also announced that JRuby is currently faster than Ruby in 14 out of 18 benchmarks and gives specific reasons for the 4 tests that still lag behind.

What does all of this mean? Well, combined with the ever growing Ruby and JRuby community and the increasing performance of JRuby, expect to see an explosion of JRuby implementations including in the enterprise. Since JRuby is now the fastest implementation of Ruby on Rails you can expect to see tons of Java developers as well as Ruby enthusiasts to start giving JRuby more than just a once over.

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