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Oracle Acquires BEA

Published: 17 Jan 2008

In a press release yesterday:

Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) and BEA Systems (NASDAQ: BEAS) announced today they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Oracle will acquire all outstanding shares of BEA for $19.375 per share in cash. The offer is valued at approximately $8.5 billion, or $7.2 billion net of BEA's cash on hand of $1.3 billion.

It seems to me that this has OSGI written all over it. The press release mentions that customers will have the option of “…coupling BEA’s WebLogic Java Server to virtually all the components of the Fusion software suite.”. As I recall Oracle and BEA are both OSGI big hitters and is a contributing factor for the companies being able to merge their technologies more easily.

Update: As if BEA wasn’t enough to satisfy Oracle’s buying spree, Oracle decides to buy Captovation as well.

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