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Take the Red Pill: Share As Much Information As You Can

Published: 07 Mar 2008

Marissa Mayer gives some insight into how Google flourishes with innovation in a Forbes article. Number five caught my eye:

5. SHARE AS MUCH INFORMATION AS YOU CAN "People are blown away by the information you can get on MOMA, our intranet. Because there is so much information shared across the company, employees have insight into what's happening with the business and what's important. We also have people do things like Snippets. Every Monday, all the employees write an email that has five to seven bullet points on what you did the previous week. Being a search company, we take all the emails and make a giant Web page and index them. If you're wondering, 'Who's working on maps?' you can find out. It allows us to share what we know across the whole company, and it reduces duplication."

Imagine what could be done at a much larger scale with the catch being that there would be no firewalls, no corporate security…no isolationism. Everyone knows what every one else is doing…no fear…just effective and pure synergy on a planetary scale.

Take the red pill.

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