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JRuby on Google App Engine

Published: 30 Jun 2009

I’ve been reading up on running JRuby on GAE (Google App Engine) for Java. Here are some helpful resources for future reference and for others seeking information about this exciting mix.

  1. [](**</a> - This project aims to make using JRuby as easy as any of the native App Engine languages.
  2. **[JRuby on Rails on Google App Engine]( - blog post by Ola Bini (a JRuby contributor). "...the steps you need to take to get a JRuby on Rails application working on GAE/J, and also what kind of characteristics you should expect from your application."**
  3. []( and Ioke on Google App Engine for Java**</a> - Google I/O 2009 session video presented by Ola Bini. Not a lot of information on Rails but still has some useful and interesting info.
  4. **[ActiveSupport-JCache](** - a jRuby gem that lets you use Rails.cache in a jRuby on Rails on Google App Engine application. The library uses the [Java Memcache API]( to store/restore values.
  5. **[JRuby]( - official JRuby site.**
  6. **[Introducing JRuby-Rack]( **- somewhat dated blog post from [Nick Sieger](, another JRuby contributor.
  7. [](**</a> - is a gem to make a .war file out of a [Rails](, Merb, or Rack-based application.
  8. [](**</a> is a jRuby gem that lets you send emails from your jRuby on Rails on Google App Engine application, but also works in standard SMTP and SMTPS scenarios. The greater intent of this gem also includes utilizing JavaMail extensions that don't have equivalents in Ruby.
  9. []( Wave Robot Container in Sinatra**</a> - "Since I got a Google Wave account at Google IO, I felt like I should try to do something Ruby-ish in it. I got talking to Charles Nutter, and he suggested a Sinatra template for Wave Robots. So here it is."
  10. **[Clone TinyURL with 40 lines of Ruby code on Google AppEngine for Java](**
  11. **[Bumble](** - A small data wrapper for Google DataStore - intended for use with Google App Engine
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