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Seven Years

Published: 07 Sep 2020


It’s been seven years since I’ve written a blog post. A lot can happen in seven years and it did! I quit my job as a cloud consultant and accepted a job which required us to move. My wife, stepson, our dog and I moved across the country to Portland, Oregon from St. Augustine, Florida. In mid-2013, I started working for Jive Software, my wife found a great job and continued her education and my stepson continued highschool and swam competitively.

Cannon Beach, 2009
Cannon Beach, 2009
Coda (RIP)


Fast forward seven years and we’ve made a lot of great memories along the way. My stepson is living in Atlanta with friends and my wife has completed her education and is now a doctor of psychiatric nurse practitioning. So proud of her. I started working at Nike about five years ago and have learned a lot through a few different roles now. Covid-19 is reinforcing what I’ve believed for a long time which is that for a lot of people, working from home is both enjoyable and does wonders for productivity.

Things have calmed down a bit since then despite the political and social unrest happening around us so I’ve resurrected this blog to continue writing about things I’m passionate about like software engineering, the pacific northwest and whatever else I have an interest in.

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