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Google Video: Sergey Brin Lectures at UC Berkeley

29 Sep 2006
In this video, Sergey attempts to talk about “Search, Google, and Life”. The video is one of several UC Berkeley classroom lectures made available to the public through it’s dedicated page on Google...

Top 5 Distributed Build Servers

28 Sep 2006
There seems to be a new push in the build server space to move to a distributed model. Here’s a quick run down of some server choices and why they should be a...

How to Find The Top Keywords For Your Story Titles Using

28 Sep 2006
Using nothing more than’s search feature you can research the best keywords to use your next story title. Today, I decided to put together some rudimentary statistics on some keywords to find...

French Press How-to: Making Coffee the Old Skool Way

10 Sep 2006
If you just want a strong cup of coffee and you don’t feel like cleaning your drip coffee maker or firing up your espresso machine here’s a quick how-to. I know what you’re...

NYT Article: I.B.M. to Build Supercomputer Powered by Video Game Chips

07 Sep 2006
John Markoff of the New York Times writes: “The Department of Energy said Wednesday that it had awarded I.B.M. a contract to build a supercomputer capable of 1,000 trillion calculations a second, using...

Joel Spolsky: Field Guide to Developers

07 Sep 2006
Joel Spolsky has just written a great post about what top developers want from an employer. Joel goes through several topics that make for a more efficient and symbiotic relationship.</p>

JetBrains Launches IntelliJ IDEAL Plugin Contest

04 Sep 2006
</a> While the promising new build server and version 6 of their [IntelliJ IDEA IDE]( is in beta, the folks over at [JetBrains]( have decided to launch a [new contest]( with total prizes...

Microsoft's not so Agile Development Strategy

03 Sep 2006
In this NY Times article by John Markoff, the frantic cry from Microsoft to over a million beta testers to give the new Vista operating system “an urgent shakedown” is evident and quite...

Side-by-Side Comparison of Spring and EJB 3.0

01 Sep 2006
Rod Coffin over at has just published an article which is focused on helping you choose between Spring and EJB 3.0. I didn’t know that decision was necessarily mutually exclusive and the...

Top 10 Ubuntu Tweaks

25 Aug 2006
I just happened to come across this most excellent top 10 apps/hacks for the Ubuntu linux distro from LifeHacker. Check it out…Hack Attack: Top 10 Ubuntu apps and tweaks

Google Tech Talks

23 Aug 2006
Recently, one of my favorite ways of goofing off is to watch recent posted videos of Google Tech Talks. These are interesting technical topics that sometimes give an interesting perspective of Google’s technology...

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 and TeamCity

13 Jul 2006
Excellent news. JetBrains announced today that they will be giving away their new continuous integration server with the next release of IntelliJ IDEA. I’ve been playing with the recent EAP releases of both...

Google Apps for Linux Please

18 May 2006
I’m a huge fan of Google because it helps me in so many ways and the fact that they continue to churn out FREE applications and API’s for almost anyone to use. I’ve...

Ruby for serious work

10 May 2006
Ruby for serious work… Is what Martin Fowler has to say regarding Ruby. Personally, I’ve had Ruby on my “cool languages to check out” list for some time but haven’t set aside that...

Tech Job Hunting

08 May 2006
It’s been over two weeks now since I’ve started my latest job hunt. I call it a hunt because the truly ideal jobs are hard to find. There are those jobs that pay...

Configuring IntelliJ IDEA VM options

21 Apr 2006
For those of you (like me) that have been using IntelliJ IDEA religiously for years, this brief but helpful explaination of the VM options is a nice treat. Among the tips are options...

Eric Sink on the Business of Software

17 Apr 2006
Eric Sink on the Business of Software I’m half way through this easy to read and sometimes comical book for entrepreneurial souls like myself. I highly recommend this to anyone considering starting their...

StringTemplate vs. Velocity vs. Freemarker

05 Apr 2006
I have recently been introduced to StringTemplate, *"...a java template engine (with ports for C# and Python) for generating source code, web pages, emails, or any other formatted text output."* Having used Velocity...

Hackers and Painters

05 Apr 2006
I have recently been very inspired and intrigued by Paul Graham’s book Hackers and Painters. Several essays including How to Start a Startup and How to Make Wealth give great insight and advice...