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Restricting Access to Tomcat via IP Address or Hostname

05 Nov 2008
To restrict access to a standalone Tomcat instance by IP address: <Valve className="org.apache.catalina.valves.RemoteAddrValve" allow=""/> The above will restrict access to the surrounding Engine, Host, or Context element in TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml. You may also specify...

Excellent Interview: Jason Fried of 37Signals

14 Oct 2008
Timothy O’Brien of O’Reilly sat down with Jason Fried, a “managing member” of 37 Signals and asked a lot of great questions about the philosophy of running a small tech company. Much of...

XCode: can't exec '/Developer/Library/Xcode/.../copystrings'

04 Oct 2008
While trying for the first time to build a very simple Cocoa project using XCode 3.1, I ran into the following error: can't exec '/Developer/Library/Xcode/Plug-ins/CoreBuildTasks.xcplugin/Contents/Resources/copystrings' (No such file or directory) At first glance,...

iPhone Development with Ruby

04 Oct 2008
I’m a Java and Ruby developer and I’m interested in starting development on an idea I have which would work great as an iPhone application. Naturally, instead of learning Objective-C I started doing...

Ruby 2.0 Plug-in Available for JetBrains IDEA IDE

24 Sep 2008
As of earlier today, JetBrains made version 2.0 of the Ruby plug-in available for IntelliJ IDEA, a popular Java IDE. For those like myself that dabble in Java and Ruby this is a...

Top 5 Advantages of Driving Slower

07 Sep 2008
Although the price of fuel has gone back down in the United States after peaking earlier this summer, the momentum behind striving for better fuel efficiency continues to grow. No doubt, a lot...

Google Chrome: Another Browser Added to the Mix

01 Sep 2008
Earlier today it was leaked and later confirmed that Google is releasing it’s own browser called Google Chrome. The news has spread like a wild fire today and the source of most of...

Open Source Project Hosting and Management

29 Aug 2008
Some suggestions for open source hosting and project management sites and software: [CodePlex]( (Microsoft) []( [GForge]( [GitHub]( [Gitorious]( [Google Code]( [Launchpad]( []( [RubyForge]( [Sourceforge]( [Unfuddle](

Amazon EC2 vs SoftLayer vs Slicehost

29 Aug 2008
A while back I did a bit of research on how much it would cost to run a modest application on each of the following services: [Amazon EC2]( - elastic compute cloud, provides...

Ruby One-Liner: Download from FTP server through a proxy

21 Aug 2008
If you need to download a file or view an http page source through a proxy, something like the following one-liner will help: require 'open-uri' open("","wb").write(open("ftp://username:password@host:port/", :proxy=>"http://proxyhost:proxyport").read)

SQL*Loader-704 Error

20 Aug 2008
While using Oracle’s SQL Loader utility the other day, I ran into a subtlety which wasn’t obvious. Most of the documentation out there describes the userid param as just taking user/pass. But it...

Amazon Web Services Experiencing Outages

20 Jul 2008
My development on a photo sharing site has ground to a halt in the wake of an outage that’s lasted since this morning. Amazon S3 and Simple Queue Service are affected according to...

The Slip Does Not Disappoint

07 Jul 2008
The newest album from Nine Inch Nails, “The Slip”, is a fresh downward spiral into the musical mind of Trent Reznor. This album continues a great new trend since Trent has freed himself...

How to Determine if a Linux machine has a 32 bit or 64 bit kernel

23 Jun 2008
Based on the output from the following command you can easily determine if a Linux machine has 32 bit or 64 bit kernel: uname -a If you see something like x86_64, then your...

Stupid Windows Tricks from the command line

13 Jun 2008
Change the Log on credentials for a windows service: sc.exe config "YourServiceName" obj= "yourusername" password= "yourpassword" Bring up services: services.msc Copy a directory structure: xcopy G:\foo\*.* D:\bin\bar /E /D /Y Copy a directory...

Silent Install of JDK and JRE

13 Jun 2008
This week I had a requirement for scripting the installation of the Java 5 JDK and JRE. These instructions require separate install files for the JDK and JRE but will get the job...

How to migrate a Subversion repository in 4 steps

10 Jun 2008
On the old server: svnadmin dump /path/to/repository > repo_name.svn_dump On the new server: svnadmin create /path/to/repository move repo_name.svn_dump to your new server svnadmin load /path/to/repository < repo_name.svn_dump

Take the Red Pill: Share As Much Information As You Can

07 Mar 2008
Marissa Mayer gives some insight into how Google flourishes with innovation in a Forbes article. Number five caught my eye: 5. SHARE AS MUCH INFORMATION AS YOU CAN "People are blown away by...

Remove .svn Or Any Other Hidden Folders in OS X

07 Mar 2008
Finder in OS X seems to be retarded at finding hidden files and folders. In my case, I wanted to recursively remove all .svn folders from a directory. To do this, it’s command...

Ghosts I-IV: New 36 Track Nine Inch Nails Album!

07 Mar 2008
I’m totally stoked that NIN has another album out called Ghosts I-IV. Don’t worry. Even though it has 36 (count ‘em!), it’s only five bucks available from or amazon. I haven’t actually...

Paul Graham's Design Philosophy

16 Feb 2008
I read Paul Graham off and on and find most of what he writes about interesting even if I don’t agree with all of what he has to say. His latest essay, “Six...

Da Vinci Machine: Bringing More Languages to the JVM

06 Feb 2008
Sun has launched a project called the Da Vinci Machine, also being described “a multi-language renaissance for the Java Virtual Machine architecture.” The project includes prototype JVM extensions to run non-Java lanugages on...

gem install rjb on mac os x leopard

02 Feb 2008
If you’ve tried installing the rjb 1.1.x gem on Mac OS X Leopard, you will probably end up with an error like: lipo: can't open input file: /var/tmp//ccpyNy8b.out (No such file or directory)...

Tomcat and Log4J

19 Jan 2008
After battling with several different configurations when it comes to logging and Tomcat 5.5.x, I decided to put together this guide for a simplistic approach. This assumes that you would like to use...

Sun Microsystems Acquires MySQL, Worlds Most Popular Open Source Database

17 Jan 2008
The hits keep on coming with technology acquisitions lately. First Oracle snatches BEA and now this. This was a bit of a shocker considering MySQL was talking about an IPO. Then bam, Sun...

Oracle Acquires BEA

17 Jan 2008
In a press release yesterday: Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) and BEA Systems (NASDAQ: BEAS) announced today they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Oracle will acquire all outstanding shares of BEA...

Eliminate Customer Service and Still be Successful

13 Jan 2008
There’s an interesting article in the NY Times about the and Craigslist sites. The article explains that the sites have little or no customer service functions because they’re either automated (no humans...

What Companies Can Learn from Software

12 Jan 2008
There are parallels between the organization and operational philosophies of companies and what is considered “good” software design. Attributes that immediately come to mind about good software design that can be applied to...