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Maven 3 Homebrew Install

31 Dec 2010
I recently decided to install Apache Maven 3.0.1 via my favorite packaging system for Mac (Homebrew). This presented a couple of issues that I worked to resolve and documented here for others. Problem...

Using RabbitMQ, Spring AMQP and Spring Integration

31 Aug 2010
I’ve recently done a proof of concept using RabbitMQ, Spring AMQP and Spring Integration. This post will describe how each of these open source technologies along with some enterprise integration patterns were used...

Building Effective Software

21 Jul 2010
In over ten years of experience building software, there are patterns and nuances that you pick up on in terms of building effective software systems. Three areas where I believe any software project...

Growl for JRuby

13 Jul 2010
I set out to find an elegant solution to providing growl notifications for a JRuby application. Here are my findings: gems growl - nice simple code but requires Growlnotify extra to be installed....

heroku no app specified

05 May 2010
I’ve started playing around with Heroku lately and ran into an issue when I created my app on one machine and cloned from Git on another. After some digging, I found that I...

Function-based Indexes in Oracle

30 Apr 2010
I’ve been meaning to investigate something that came to mind a while back and just now got around to it while researching a bug. My feeling was that there may be a faster...

Content-based Manipulation with jQuery

09 Apr 2010
Ever wanted to apply some CSS formatting based on the content? Here’s an example how to do it using jQuery.


03 Apr 2010
750 is roughly the number of hours I’ve gained in the three years of working from home full-time by not commuting to work. In these times when the economy is bad companies are...

Rework Book Review

12 Mar 2010
I rarely read books cover to cover in four hours. I rarely pre-order books six months in advance. I very rarely write reviews about the books I read. Rework by Jason Fried and...

How to Test Struts 2 Actions Without a Container

25 Jan 2010
I recently worked on a project that used Struts 2.1 and the Spring framework integration plug-in. There are sporadic examples of how to test Struts actions in this context but none of them...