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How to Install Java 7 on Mountain Lion

20 Dec 2012
To start, download and install the latest release of Java 7 from here. After the install is complete you should have it here: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0_10.jdk Since Apple has done away with the Java...

Top 10 Java Companies and Projects to Follow on GitHub

02 Dec 2012
Java is the fourth most popular language on Github so naturally here’s my hand-picked top 10 companies and projects to follow: Ning Simple Square SpringSource Typesafe, Inc Eclipse ElasticSearch Netflix DropWizard Storm

How to Read File Contents in Java the Easy Way with Guava

30 Nov 2012
Here’s an easy and no-frills way to read the contents of a text file using Guava: If the file is on your classpath: import; import; URL url = Resources.getResource("foo.txt"); String text...

How to Embed Jetty with Spring MVC

24 Nov 2012
This post will walk you through how to embed Jetty with a simple Spring MVC application which can be run standalone or deployed to with no code changes. Why Embed Jetty The...

How to Build a Self Executable Jar File

18 Nov 2012
I’m always looking for ways to simplify the management of Java services. Recently, I’ve learned how to create a self-executing jar file without the need for an extra bash script. Having one file...

Basic Authentication in the Play Framework Using A Custom Action Annotation

07 Jun 2012
If you need a simple way to protect certain controllers in your Play Framework app with basic authentication, one option is using a custom action annotation. This post was also inspired by a...

Github keeps asking for username and password

06 Jun 2012
If you’re using https protocol for your remote.origin.url and you continually get prompted for your username and password, you can make the following change to prevent the prompts in the future: If your...

Play Framework 2 Tutorial: Ebean ORM

01 Jun 2012
In this post, part five of the tutorial series about the Play Framework, you’ll learn the basics of creating models and using the Ebean ORM. Configuring Ebean In order to start using Ebean...

Play Framework 2 Tutorial: Database Access

30 May 2012
In this post, part four of the tutorial series about the Play Framework, I’ll talk about database configuration and access. Configuring JDBC Connection Pool In order to start accessing a database in your...

Play Framework 2 Tutorial: Testing

28 May 2012
This post, part three of the Play Framework tutorial series, I’m going to touch on the basics of testing. Three areas will be covered here: Testing Routes Testing Controllers Testing Views This is...

Play Framework 2 Tutorial: Introduction

26 May 2012
I’ve been putting off learning the Play Framework because I wasn’t sure it was going to be just another framework that’s here today and forgotten tomorrow. As of the time this post was...

Play Framework 2 Tutorial: Debugging with IntelliJ IDEA

26 May 2012
In part one of this series of Play Framework tutorials, I outlined how to get a very simple Play Framework app up and running and deployed to Heroku. In this post I’ll describe...

How to Avoid iPhone Data Overage Charges

28 Apr 2012
The following are several tips you can use to avoid iPhone data overage charges. **Turn Wi-Fi on.** To turn Wi-Fi on, tap Settings -> Wi-Fi (turn this on). When Wi-Fi is turned on,...

Instant Web Server From Current Directory

04 Apr 2012
Ever wanted to run a web server from the current directory with no setup and no fuss? Here’s how: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8888