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How to Install OpenStack Heat

01 May 2013
If you’d like to get up and running and hacking on OpenStack Heat this guide is for you. In this post I’ll describe how to get up and running quickly with the goal...

How to Create ISO Storage on XenServer

30 Apr 2013
This post walks you through how to create local volume on a XenServer host to serve as ISO repo. 1. ssh to the XenServer host 2. Check free local disk space: df -h...

OpenStack Summit 2013

23 Apr 2013
Last week I attended OpenStack Summit along with almost 3,000 other geeks in my favorite city, Portland, Oregon. I’ve been to a few conferences over the last several years but this one was...

How to Copy File Contents From a Remote Machine to Local Clipboard

27 Mar 2013
I use ssh to gain access to several remote servers and have always wondered how to copy the contents from remote files to my local clipboard. I use a mac as my desktop...

How to Setup a PXE Server on Ubuntu

22 Mar 2013
This post shows you how to setup a PXE (Preboot execution environment) server on Ubuntu. It assumes a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04 and at least two machines. One acting as the PXE...

Ubuntu Automatic Install Tutorial

13 Mar 2013
This tutorial will walk through the steps necessary for a completely automated installation of Ubuntu. First, download an ISO to use as the starting point. Create a work directory and extract the ISO...

How to Setup VNC Between a Mac and Ubuntu

13 Mar 2013
This tutorial instructs you how to quickly VNC into a headless Ubuntu server. It’s assumed that you have a server running somewhere and for whatever reason you need access to a graphical environment...

How to allow sudo without a password

03 Jan 2013
Suppose you’re setting up an automated task or something similar and it would be nice not to worry about entering a password for sudo. Here’s how to allow sudo without a password for...

Killing Multiple Instances of a Process on Mac OS X

01 Jan 2013
In this post, I’ll outline a couple ways to kill multiple running instances of a process on OS X. A handy program to have is pidof, which is a utility that returns the...