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    17801-61010 Air Filter
    12204-61010 PCV Valve
    90480-18001 PCV Valve Grommet
    23300-38010 Fuel Filter
    19101-61240 Distributor Cap
    19127-61240 Distributor Cap O-Ring
    19102-43060 Distributor Rotor
    15600-TD004 Oil Filter
    90919-21325 Ignition Plug Wire/Spark Plug Wires
    90919-01065 Spark Plugs - W14EX-U
    16360-61015 Carburetor Cooling Fan - Used
    77310-12100 Gas Cap
    25628-61060 EGR Gasket
    92112-60818 EGR J-Pipe Stud
    90916-03052 Thermostat
    90430-43002 Thermostat Housing Gasket
    16333-61110 Thermostat Housing
    91611-B0845 Thermostat Housing Bolts
    00272-1LLAC-01 Toyota Red Coolant
    90916-01172 Upper Radiator Hose
    90466-41008 Upper Radiator Hose Clamps
    99554-70185 Lower Radiator Hose
    96111-10510 Lower Radiator Hose Clamps
    16577-61120 Lower Radiator Hard Pipe
    90916-01163 Lower Radiator Hard Pipe to Waterpump Hose
    96111-10580 Lower Radiator Hard Pipe to Waterpump Hose Clamps
    16261-60011 Thermostat By-Pass Hose
    96112-10330 Thermostat By-Pass Hose Clamps
    15777-610111 Upper Oil Cooler Hose to Thermostat Housing
    99556-30300 Lower Heater Hose to Radiator Hose
    96112-102500 Lower Heater Hose to Radiator Hose Clamps
    90467-22004 Oil Cooler Hose Clamps
    99332-11250-78 V-Belt - A/C
    99343-11120-77 V-Belt - Waterpump
    99343-11570-77 V-Belt - P/S
    16401-41021 Radiator Cap
    83420-20020 Coolant Temperature Sensor
    90925-05035 Bi-Metallic Vacuum Switch Valve - EGR/Vacuum Advance
    16110-61081-77 Waterpump
    16721-60012 Waterpump gasket
    90119-A0139 Waterpump Housing Bolts (4)
    99555-30280 Oil Cooler to Oil Cooler Hard Pipe Hose
    15771-61010 Lower Oil Cooler Hard Pipe
    90910-05155 Lower Oil Cooler Hard Pipe to Waterpump Hose
    90467-22004 Lower Oil Cooler Hard Pipe Clamps (4)
    90467-24038 PCV Hose Clamp
    16480-90A00 Coolant Reserve Tank
    16405-61040 Coolant Reservoir Cap
    17306-61021 Air Injection Rail Manifold - Used
    90404-14329 Air Injection Union x6 - Used
    90175-06003 Air Cleaner Wing Washer Nuts x3
    17848-61020 Air Cleaner to Carburetor Gasket
    90915-YZZD3 Oil Filter
    11213-61011 Valve Cover Gasket
    90210-13001 Valve Cover Washers x4
    90176-08014 Valve Cover Nuts x4
    16210-61121 Fan Clutch
    16361-61020 Radiator Fan Blade
    90179-06158 Nut W washer - Radiator Fan to Clutch
    90480-92002 Fuel Filler Body Grommet
    77213-60030 Fuel Filler to Fuel Tank Hose
    96111-10630 Clamp for Fuel Filler to Fuel Tank Hose x2
    17781-61010 Air Cleaner Clamp to Body
    23100-61070 Fuel Pump
    90923-06009 Fuel Pump Insulator
    90923-05016 Fuel Pump Gasket
    90119-08132 Fuel Pump Bolt w/washer
    90176-08014 Valve Cover Nuts
    90344-53011 Tapered Plug For deleting BVSV on EVAP/EGR systems
    15777-61010 Oil Cooler Piping - Upper
    53132-90A01 Headlight Door, Left OEM Toyota
    53131-90A01 Headlight Door, Right OEM Toyota
    90160-40002 Corner Lamp Mounting Screws (8)
    90160-40002 Corner Lamp Mounting Grommets (8)
    90154-50001 Headlight Door Mounting Screws (8)
    90189-05013 Headlight Door Mounting Grommets (8)
    85212-YZZ10 Wiper Blade - Front Right
    85212-YZZ10 Wiper Blade - Front Left
    85220-90A02 Wiper Blade - Rear
    85247-90A01 Wiper Motor Cap, Left and Right
    87910-90A00 Mirror Assembly, Outer
    87940-90A01 Mirror Assembly, Outer
    90480-15002 Hood Prop Grommet
    85330-90A06 Windshield Washer Bottle
    52111-60120 Front Bumper Bar w/o Winch
    52102-60010 Outer End, RIGHT
    52103-60010 Outer End, LEFT
    81512-90A00 Front Corner Light Lens Gasket, L/R
    90080-18070 Positive Term Nut - Outer Bumper Ends - Front
    90112-12041 Chrome Front bumper bolts - Top x4
    90179-12058 Nuts for front bumper bolts - Top x4
    91659-41222 Front Bumper Bolts - Bottom x4
    94130-61200 Front Bumper Nuts - Bottom x4
    91621-40816 Bolt w/washer for outer bumper end
    51961-36040 Tow Hook
    75860-69015 Rocker Panel Moulding, LH
    75850-69015 Rocker Panel Moulding, RH
    53382-90K01 Bumper Hood Front
    77293-60030 Upper Deflector - Fuel Filler Seal
    90159-60286 Screw W Washer - Fuel Filler
    85310-22080 Rear washer motor
    85325-60040 Rear washer fluid jar
    90467-12008 Grill Clip
    75316-90A00 Grill Nameplate
    90167-40010 Screw Pan Tapping - Grill
    93568-54514 Screw Tapping - Grill Nameplate
    85195-95700 Cover Wiper Arm - Rear
    53384-60030 Bumper Fender To Ho - x4
    90541-08003 Cushion x2
    85247-90A01 Cap Shield
    85330-90A04 Headlamp Washer Bottle and Cap
    85336-10010 Headlamp bottle bushing to motor
    85361-10070 Headlamp Washer Motor Bracket
    91112-40620 Headlamp Washer motor bolt
    90179-06070 Headlamp washer motor nut
    85310-22070 Headlamp washer motor
    91651-40616 Headlamp washer bottle bolt w/washer
    85330-90A06 Windshield washer bottle and cap
    81270-95A09 Rear License Plate Light Assy - 24V
    90541-08003 Fuel Door Rubber Bumper
    53341-90A00 Hood Insulator
    90467-09014 Hood Insulator clips
    85160-90A07 Windshield wiper linkage
    85031-30010 Washer Check Valve
    69513-14010 Fuel Door Lock Cylinder Rubber Pad
    69581-14010 Fuel Door Lock Cylinder Retainer
    52151-60041 Rear Bumper Bar
    52107-60010 Rear Bumper Plastic Corner, LH
    52106-60010 Rear Bumper Plastic Corner, RH
    90112-12041 Rear Carriage Bolts - Upper, Chrome
    81730-14110 Marker Lamp - Right Front
    81740-14110 Marker Lamp - Left Front
    90189-04014 Front Marker Lamp Mounting Grommet
    93219-64016 Front Marker Lamp Mounting Screw
    81750-29145 Rear Side Marker Lamp, Right and Left
    53630-90A01 Hood Release Cable
    53510-90A01 Hood Lock Assembly
    91631-40616 Bolt w Washer for Hood Latch Spring
    90950-01006 Plug Hole - Above Hood Lock Assy
    90119-06306 Bolt w Washer - Hood Lock Assy
    69563-90A00 Rear Door Lock Pad
    90430-A0003 Transmission/Transfer Case Drain/Fill Gasket
    12157-10010 Differential Drain/Fill Plug Gasket
    90341-18021 Magnetic Drain/Fill Plug
    96812-50320 Clutch Slave Hose, soft line
    96991-10080 Clutch Slave Hose clip for bracket
    31126-60021 Clutch Release Boot - Trans side
    31470-60102 Clutch Slave Cylinder
    31410-60282 Clutch Master Cylinder
    33030-60450 H55F Transmission - Complete
    33124-36010 Oil Pipe - Nipple
    33530-60160 Shifter
    33504-14050 Shift Knob
    31210-60070-84 Clutch Cover
    31250-36342 Disc Assembly
    90363-52001-77 Throwout Bearing
    90363-15004 Pilot Bearing
    90311-99001 Rear Main Seal
    33548-60020 Nylon Bushing
    90913-01016 Flywheel Bolts
    90942-A1002 Lug Nuts
    90948-03011 Shock Absorber Washer x2
    90119-12088 Front Lower Shock mounting bolt w/washer x2
    90948-03007 Shock Absorber Washer x4
    90948-03004 Shock Absorber Washer x4
    91611-61020 Rear upper and lower shock mounting bolt w/washer x4
    84312-20011 Plate Horn Contact
    84340-22072 Stoplamp Switch
    87834-14011-03 Cover - Inner Mirror
    87810-90A03 Inside Mirror
    93319-15012 Inside Mirror Screws
    81370-60010 Inspection Lamp
    81240-20060-08 Lamp Assembly- Dome Light
    81240-95A16 Lamp Assembly - Rear Dome Light
    90119-08079 Seat Mounting Bolt, Driver Side